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What is TL.Center? The website was created to be an information hub of items, quests, maps, guides, and tutorials that will centralize all information and content about the game Throne and Liberty.

A centralized environment for the game information

As with every other MMORPG, it’s a lot of information to digest and can be overwhelming. That’s why TL.Center will have an entire section dedicated to the game itself: Where you’ll find everything from guides on how to play the game (and get started) to cutting-edge strategy guides for hardcore players and leaders. You will also be able to use the TL Center as your go-to resource for answers when things don’t go according to plan in battle or just general questions about what makes playing this fantastic new game so fun!

Keep up with the best players’ Builds

We plan on selecting the community’s best players of both PvE and PvP to come here to share their experience with their classes and builds to start a community-wide discussion about theory crafting in TL.Center. We want to be the hub of these builds and the go-to website for those starting the game and trying to optimize their performance.

Explore guides, and tutorials for both PvP and PvE

We plan on having a ton of tutorials and guides, so you will be sure to find what you need. Not only that, but we expect to build a community full of helpful people who can help you with all sorts of things. If your first steps into PvP are overwhelming or confusing, there’s no better way to learn than from someone who already had this hustle.

Tutorials are also great for PvE players because they allow them to explore new areas to be prepared for what is to come and prepare them for when things go wrong. You won’t have time for second-guessing yourself once your character dies!

A lot of work has been put into creating TL Center, and we hope you enjoy all the features it has to offer. We have a lot more planned for this website, so keep checking back for updates!

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